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"Not all those who wander are lost." ~J.R.R. Tolkien

A Week at Camp Caverns

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2-4p CT: Check in. Location: The Caverns, 555 Charlie Roberts Road, Pelham TN, 37366

Camp Caverns Crew will check campers into their packs. Parents will receive specific check in information. We will get campers gear and any paperwork we don’t have. After goodbyes are said, Camp Caverns Counselors and CITs will bring campers to their yurts to get moved in and to introduce them to their fellow pack members.

5p: Orientation

Orientation will be done by Camp Caverns Director and Crew. This will be a fun and cool way to explain that they are about to become members of the Camp Caverns Family. Campers will be given a keepsake to represent their pack which also signifies their ties to the Camp Caverns Family forever.

6p: Dinner

7p: Campers will gather for initiation into their packs and begin Pack Torch decorating.

8p: Opening Campfire and roasting marshmallows. Pack Torches will be unveiled and lit.

9p: Campers return to yurts.

10p: Lights out

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Monday: Explore The Hero's Journey

8a: Wake up call.

While our official wake up is 8a we understand at Camp Caverns that all campers are unique. There will be supervised quiet activities for our early risers. We will have all campers clean up, brush teeth, etc.

9a: Breakfast

10a: Head up to The Caverns Big Room Cave. In the darkness of the cave, campers will listen to a recorded presentation explaining the mythic “Hero’s Journey” and the history of The Caverns with an emphasis on the indigenous Woodland and Cherokee, buried gold, the Nunnehi’, and the mythological tale of the “lost tribe” of Woodland children.

1p: Lunch at The Caverns Shady Grove

2-4p: We're going caving! There are many age appropriate passages inside The Caverns and each of the Packs will find an underground adventure that involves cave helmets, knee pads and plenty of mud!

4-6p: Pack Time: Arts & Crafts. Packs will decorate their bunk plaques

6p: Dinner in Big Mouth Cave

7p: Camp Caverns tradition - movie night in the cave!

10p: Campers will spend the night inside The Caverns music venue!

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Tuesday: Explore Teamwork

8a: Wake up call.

9a: Breakfast.

10a-12p: Pack Time: Arts & Crafts

12p: Lunch

1-3p: Camp Caverns 2nd Annual Color Wars! Campers will participate in a variety of field game type games collecting colored items along the way combined with an ultimate scavenger hunt!

3-5p: Archery, Firemaking and Axe Throwing

5p: Free Time

6p-7p: Dinner

7p-9p: Glow Games!

9p: Campers to yurts

10p: Lights Out

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Wednesday: Explore History & Nature

8a: Wake up call.

9a: Breakfast.

10a: Bus to Highlander/Coke Ovens/Grundy Lakes

Trip to The Kindred Center, home of historic Highlander Folk School Library, the epicenter of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s. Rosa Parks and many others attended workshops at the Highlander Folk School to learn more about civil rights. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. attended a leadership conference at Highlander, and while visiting, Pete Seeger wrote “We Shall Overcome," an iconic civil rights anthem. Much like the folks who gathered at Highlander in the past, campers will learn that they, too, can change history through listening to others and working to find common ground. Campers' time at Highlander will end with a special "Pebble in the Lake" ceremony where each camper will throw a pebble into Highlander lake, proving that even small actions create ripples that lead to significant change.

We will then visit Grundy Lakes State Park home to Lone Rock Coke Ovens to explore the 120 “beehive” ovens built into the ground in 1883.

12p: Picnic Lunch

1p-3p: Optional bus to advanced swim hole hike or stay and splash around in the lake

4p-5p: Return to Yurt Village

5p-6p: Free Time

6p: Dinner

7p-9p: Cave Dance! Get your glow sticks ready for modern square dancing fun!

9p: Campers to yurts

10p: Lights out

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Thursday: Explore New Heights of Adventure!

8a: Wake up call

9a: Breakfast

10a: Trip to Bigfoot Adventure for ziplining. Get ready to soar through the trees!

1p: Picnic lunch at Bigfoot

2-4p: Fishing and sports at Bigfoot

4p: Return to Camp

5p: Talent Show Prep

6p: Dinner

7-9p: Camp Caverns 3rd Annual Talent Show! Campers and crew get to show off their skills and talents. Singing, dancing, juggling and jokes - we can’t wait to see what new talents this summer brings! Costumes welcome!

9p: Campers to yurts

10p: Lights out

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Friday: Explore Connection

8a: Wake up call

9a: Breakfast

10a: Pack Time: Arts & Crafts. Campers will make a Camp Caverns keepsake to represent their pack.

12p: Lunchtime

1p-3p: Trivia Time! Time for campers to show off their knowledge of all things pop culture, sports, and of course Camp Caverns! What is the name of the cave we watched the movie in? What color is Ms Mayo’s water bottle? How many cats does Taylor Swift have?

6p: Dinner.

7-9p: Closing Ceremony Campfire. Campers will be initiated into Camp Caverns family forever.

9p: Campers to yurts

11p: Lights out.


8a: Wake up call.

9a: Breakfast.

Pick-up: 10a-12p CT

Contact: Jen Mayo, Camp Director • • (423) 228-0506