The Caverns Kicks Off Halloween Weekend with the Most Jack-O’-Lanterns Ever Inside A Cave

EDM Artist Kayzo Treats Guests to a Visually Stunning Display of Hundreds of Carved Pumpkins

The Caverns, a subterranean music venue in Grundy County, TN, is known as an otherworldly place to experience live music. Literally and figuratively, the venue takes guests to the next level, and on Friday, October 29th, Loud Crowd and The Caverns did it with pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins.

Kayzo, a leading EDM artist, has often said that Halloween is his favorite time of year, and his Halloween shows have always been epic events. He challenged The Caverns to see how many jack-o’-lanterns the venue could carve and place throughout the cave.

Challenge accepted, The Caverns team sprung into action. Over 450 pumpkins were locally sourced from Rock Bottom Landscaping in Tracy City and a team of 5 dedicated carvers spent 3 days on the massive task transforming them into jack-o’-lanterns. They averaged 60-70 pumpkins an hour, and each one is unique.

"The process of carving over 450 pumpkins was definitely overwhelming and tedious,” says Tori Stevens, The Caverns staff member who headed up the effort. “But seeing the cave lit up with hundreds of jack-o’-lanterns and knowing how unique the experience was for patrons made it all worth it."

So what will happen to the jack-o’-lanterns now? They’ll be given to a local pig farmer because pigs love pumpkins.

And what will The Caverns do next? You never know. This underground concert hall is a magical place where just about anything can, and does, happen.

Kayzo in The Caverns with Calcium and Reaper was presented by Loud Crowd and The Caverns.


Photo by Austin Friedline


Photo by Austin Friedline


Photo by Austin Friedline

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Photo by Taylan Honeycutt