Rock Climbing Near The Caverns

In recent years, rock climbing has gained a lot of mainstream attention with the likes of award-winning films and a spot in the upcoming Olympics. Rock climbing can be an intimidating sport to jump into, but if you’re looking for adventure and a connection to the outdoors, a great way to do it is to climb!

If rock climbing sparks your interest, but you aren’t sure where to start, visit a local climbing gym staffed with knowledgeable instructors to acquaint you with the gear and teach you the ropes. Highpoint Climbing Gym, located in Chattanooga, is an hour drive from The Caverns. This gym is unique in that it features a climbing wall on the outside of the building. Highpoint has a kid zone for the little ones to climb around on, too.

Climbing gyms are also reliable resources if you are interested in hiring a guide to take you on an outdoor rock climbing trip. Climbing outside on real rocks feeds any appetite for adventure. Local to The Caverns are two popular outdoor climbing areas that have been developed for sport, trad, and top rope climbing—Foster Falls and Denny Cove.

Foster Falls Rock Climbing

Foster Falls

Foster Falls, predominantly for sport climbing, is a very popular climbing destination in the Southeast. Less than 19 miles from The Caverns in Sequatchie Tennessee, Fosters features high quality sandstone routes and a wide range of difficulty levels from 5.7 to 5.13. Climbing at Foster Falls is year-round, but the best times to climb are in the fall and spring months. A guide book for climbing Foster Falls can be purchased online, at a local climbing gym or outdoor retail shop.

Directions to Foster Falls: Google Maps

Denny Cove Rock Climber

Denny Cove

Denny Cove has a newly developed climbing area that opened in 2016. Located just down the road from the more well known Foster Falls, Denny Cove features the same high quality sandstone. While Denny Cove does have a few easy to moderate routes, the more difficult routes are the highest rated. Though there is not a printed guidebook for Denny Cove, you can purchase the full guidebook online through the app Rakkup.

Directions to Denny Cove: Google Maps

More information on these areas can be found on the Southeastern Climbers Coalition website at

Rock climbers at Foster Falls

Local Rock Climbing Guides

  • Space Below Your Feet, Chattanooga, TN
  • Brooke Hadden
  • (AMGA) SPI Certified, (NOLS) WFR Certified
  • (912) 294-3334
  • James Arnold, Lookout Mountain, TN
  • SPI Certified
  • (706) 333-2089
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Carissa Riccardi is a lifestyle photographer, photojournalist, and avid rock climber. She lives in Nashville, TN with her daughter, but on weekends can often be found rock climbing in Southeast Tennessee and beyond.

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