Can I camp at The Caverns after the show? +

Yes! Car camping is available for most shows at The Caverns as a separate ticket. Every car, truck, SUV, minivan or other standard vehicle will need a Car Camping Pass to enter The Caverns’ camping area (think of it like a ticket for your car). If your vehicle is longer than 20' or you are towing anything, you must purchase an RV camping pass. Everyone entering the camping area must have a camping pass and a ticket for the show that evening. For any questions, email us at

Campsite sizes are roughly 20’x20' and vehicles must fit within the 20x20’ space. You may NOT buy extra campsites around a single vehicle. There is no “per person” camping fee for most shows. So, for example, if you have 3 people coming in one car, you only need 1 Car Camping Pass.

Only “rough” camping is currently available. This means we provide a 20x20’ flat grassy area for you, your car and your tents. Or a 20'x40' spot if you have purchased an RV pass. There are port-a-potties, but no potable water available and no electrical or water hookups onsite.

You may have a campfire, but it cannot be on the ground. You can bring your own above ground fire ring or grill, or you can rent a fire pit while supplies last. Firewood is for sale in the campground. Please do not start a fire before your show begins. If you do start a fire before your event, it must be completely out when leaving the campground for the show.

Access to the campsite will typically be at 3p CT on the day of your show and all campers must vacate the campsite by 10a CT the following morning unless you have a ticket for the show the next night. You will need a Car/RV Camping Pass for each night you’re staying onsite.

For safety, all foot traffic to The Caverns must go through The Caverns campground and down a footpath to the amphitheater and cave. We will not allow entry to the venue by foot from Charlie Roberts Road.

For frequently asked questions about camping, please visit this webpage.