I lost something at the show. Do you have a Lost & Found? +

Yes, lost items will be turned in and located at the main concessions area for each event. For underground shows that will be at the main bar and for amphitheater shows that will be at the concessions area in the rear of the venue. You may check with concessions for lost items during the hours of the show. After each show day all Lost & Found items will be taken to The Caverns Gift Shop the following morning. The Caverns Gift Shop opens at 9:00a CT. You may call (931) 516-9724 or email info@thecaverns.com about any Lost & Found items. Please note that Lost & Found items will not be kept onsite for more than 30 days and The Caverns is not responsible for lost items. Any item that is confiscated by security or a member of our staff will not be returned. Please review the list of allowed items on our FAQ pages.