Questions About Festival RV Camping

Common Questions About RV Camping

Can I come and camp out anytime I’d like? +

At this time, camping is only available on nights when we have concerts. What’s more, a concert ticket is also required to spend the night in the campground.


All foot traffic to The Caverns music venues must travel the footpath which begins in the northernmost corner of our campground (look for The Caverns archway). Due to safety concerns, we will not allow entry to the venues by foot from Charlie Roberts Road. During the day when the footpath is closed, you may drive your vehicle down Charlie Roberts Road to The Caverns gift shop, where you can also book and take a cave tour.

What time does the campground open and when is checkout? +

Typically the campground opens at 3p CT on the day of the show, checkout is at 10a CT. Please be ready to leave no later than 10a CT. Please be ready to leave by 10a CT or you might be charged an additional day fee.

My friends and I are arriving in separate cars. What do we need to do? +

Each car will need a separate camping pass. The only way to park overnight at The Caverns is with a camping pass. If you’d like to have campsites side-by-side, plan to arrive at the same time. If that’s not possible, you’re welcome to unload one vehicle and carry your gear and supplies to another campsite to camp as a group, if there’s space.

How many cars and how many people are allowed with a camping pass? +

A camping pass allows for one vehicle and up to 4 people at one campsite.

How large is each camping space? +

20’x20’ flat grassy space. Basically enough room for your car, a couple tents and a hang out space.

I have an RV or camper over 20 feet long, can I still camp at The Caverns? +

Yes, you’ll just need to purchase as many spaces are needed for your vehicle to fit. Each camping pass covers one 20’x20’ space. If your vehicle is 40’ long, you’ll need to purchase two camping passes.

Is there electricity or water hook-ups? +

Currently there’s no electricity or water hook-ups, what we have to offer is rough car camping, but it’s still very fun!

When do quiet hours begin? +

Out of consideration to your fellow campers and our Grundy County neighbors, quiet hours begin at 11p CT after the show.

Are there showers or bathrooms? +

There are currently no showers onsite, but there are porta-potties located at the campground.

Can I leave and come back if I’m staying on the campground consecutive days? +

Yes, you are allowed to leave and come back. You may be asked to show your ticket again when you get back to the campground.

Can I have a campfire or grill? +

Yes, but you may not have a fire on the ground. You will need to bring your own above ground fire ring or grill to have a fire, as well as your own firewood. Please do not start a fire before your show begins. If you do start a fire before your event, it must be completely out when leaving the campground for the show.

How do I dispose of trash on the campground? +

There are multiple trash cans and recycling containers on site where you can dispose of your trash. Please use the trash and keep the campground green!

Are generators allowed? +

Yes, but we encourage quiet generators. If you have a loud one you may be asked to turn it off during quiet hours.

Can I bring my dog/goat/parrot? +

Pets are not allowed. If you arrive at the venue with your dog, you will not be permitted entrance. All tickets are non-refundable. We have compiled a list of pet boarding kennels in the vicinity of The Caverns below. We are not affiliated with any of these establishments.

Service Animals: The Caverns welcomes trained service animals in accordance with state and federal guidelines. A trained service animal is individually trained to perform a task(s) or work for a person with a physical or mental disability. Only dogs are accepted as trained service animals. “Service Animal” has a specific meaning under the American with Disabilities Act, an emotional support animal generally will not satisfy this requirement.

The ADA requires that trained service animals be under the control of their handler at all times. Tennessee law requires that dogs over 6 months of age be currently vaccinated against rabies. A service dog that is disruptive or presents a threat to the health or safety of others may be asked to leave the property. The Caverns is in a rural location, if you’d like to submit your information to our service animal portal prior to arrival, it will help us prepare for your arrival and connect you with your service animal should you become separated at any time.

Support Animals and Pets: We love support animals and pets, but we are unable to welcome your support animals and pets to The Caverns. Please leave them at home because they cannot be in the venue and we don’t want any furry friends left in the car. “Service Animal” has a specific meaning under the American with Disabilities Act, an emotional support animal generally will not satisfy this requirement.

  • Playful Paws Pet Resort - 116 Winstead Ln, Manchester, TN 37355 - (931) 434-3137
  • Paws-E-Tively Purrfect Pet Grooming & Boarding - 312 Ridgewood Dr, Manchester, TN 37355 - (931) 273-1139
  • UR Pet’s Home Away From Home Cageless Boarding - 487 W Doak Rd, Manchester, TN 37355 - (931) 247-5771
  • Precious Paws Cat and Dog Boarding - 216 River Forge Rd, Manchester, TN 37355 - (931) 273-0387
  • Pet Paradise - 201 S Anderson St, Tullahoma, TN 37388 - (931) 454-0999
  • Wags and Wiggles - 1660 Decherd Estill Rd, Winchester, TN 37398 - (931) 247-1699
  • Animal Care Center, L.L.C. - 1626 Sharp Springs Rd, Winchester, TN 37398 - (931) 967-6345

I’m not planning to camp, but I do have a valid concert ticket. Can I still visit the campground before or after the show? +

No, campgrounds are for those with camping passes only.

I have not found the answer to my questions, can I call someone at The Caverns? +

The Caverns phone # is (931) 516-9724 and we're generally able to answer the phone 7 days a week from 9a to 5p CT.

If we are on the phone with another customer please leave a voicemail or send us an email and we'll get back to you ASAP.

You're also welcome to email your question to

We strive to answer all email and phone inquiries within 48 business hours.