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Jen Mayo

Camp Director

Prior to Camp Caverns, Jen founded and directed a successful summer camp for 5 years during her 25 year career in child care and after school programs. In addition to her life's passion nurturing children, Jen brings a love of nature and a worldly perspective to camp having grown up in Italy, studied abroad in Ireland, and traveled avidly through the years. No stranger to the underground, Jen was also a part of the core team that launched Bluegrass Underground in 2008 as the show's first box office manager. What's more, her own two kids cannot wait to be a part of camp life with one as a camper and the other as a counselor-in-training (CITs). It's true, Camp Caverns is a family affair and a nurturing place where Jen will ensure your children thrive while creating magical memories—above and below ground—to last a lifetime.